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Constanza. 23 melodías. Capricorniana. Amante de la música, animales, invierno, frío, días grises, Europa (particularmente Inglaterra ♥), café, comida italiana, noche, zombies y recuerdos. Obsesión con lo bizarro, excéntrico y la buena ortografía.

Constanza. 23 melodies. Capricorn.
Music lover ♥, animals, Winter, cold, grey days, Europe (particularly England ♥), coffee, italian food, night, zombies and memories. Obsession with the bizarre, eccentric, and good spelling.


True Blood - Sookie and Eric’s 1st kiss ♥ [x]


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Yo soy capaz de tanto por una persona y nadie es capaz de tanto por mi.

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I commented in a previous post how both Charlie’s hat & cane were extensions of him - this may be the greatest 

Getting Acquainted”  1914

His cane was a natural extension of himself, very often  would and could do only what he wished he was able to get away with, of course if it was naughty it would get spanked like for instance lifting Mabel’s skirt.

The cane was always within arms reach, no matter what was happening he had to stop and locate it.  I love in his film “A Night Out” - 1915, set in a hotel, Charlie puts the cane to bed an lovingly covers it with a blanket.

It is these little bits that set him apart right from the beginning , what drew the audience to him.

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Lana Del Rey in her “Shades of Cool” music video

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